Dog Training

Dog training is an essential part of dog ownership; it helps your dog to understand the rules and boundaries as well as developing a good relationship between you and your dog. Our training helps you to understand your dog's behaviour and to teach you how to teach your dog in a kind way. 

At Pooches Galore's we only use kind, fair and effective training methods to train dogs. Slip leads, choke collars, and electric shock collars are all banned from our classes. Our training classes are fun for both you and your dog; we use rewards which help dogs to understand what we want from them.




We offer a range of classes which will help you to develop all the skills necessary to work with your dog. We do understand however that sometimes you need to work on specific problems which is why we have developed a range of workshops to help work through any problems you are having. 

If you are not sure which is most suitable for you and your dog then please contact us and we can discuss with you which one you feel is most appropriate. Many people work their way up through the classes with their dog, others drop in at the level appropriate for their dog.



Pooches Galore offers a range of workshops on a monthly basis. These include:

Loose Lead Walking 

Tricks and More 

Whistle Training

Overcoming Fireworks Fear

Follow our Facebook page for more information on when these run and how to attend.




1-2-1 training

For any number of reasons training classes aren't the most appropriate arena for specific training needs and this is where one to one coaching can be utilised. One to one training can help you and your dog with any training requirement. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.