10 key questions to ask a breeder

1. Can I see both parents?
No mum (dad often isn’t around) to see, don’t take a puppy, even with all the excuses in world just walk away.
2. Where are the pups being raised?
We want puppies that have been raised in a home environment. Not a shed in the garden…

3. Have all the relevant tests been carried out on the mothers and the pups? This will take a bit of research on your part but it is really important to know, it may reduce the cost of any future medical treatments!

4. What socialisation has been carried out on the pups? Although the mother will do lots of the care to begin with it is important that the puppies have been exposed to mild stress and to new and novel situations. This is also why we want the pups reared in the home environment not in a shed.

5. Have the puppies been to the vets? What vaccinations have been carried out?

6. Are the puppies microchipped? By law puppies must be microchipped by 8 weeks of age. It will be your responsibility to make sure that the details are changed when you take your puppy home.

7. Have any of the puppies been sick?

8.  What guarantees do the breeders give? If there are problems will they take the puppy back? We do not want breeders that are happy to sell you a puppy but want nothing more to do with them

9. What help do they offer?

10. Recommendations? Can you speak to people who have puppies from that breeder before making a decision?