Pooches Galore is dedicated to providing the finest training and behaviour consultations in Harrogate.

Whether you are looking for help socialising your new puppy or need more advanced help for behaviour problems, Pooches Galore will have a tailored plan to meet your needs. 

Run by a qualified dog behaviourist, Pooches Galore Harrogate gives you peace of mind your dog is being trained by the best.


About me


Kim is a passionate Canine Behaviourist and Dog Training Instructor, holding Masters level degrees in both Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare and a second in Psychology, she has experience in all areas of obedience training as well as a through understanding of the problems dogs may have. She has a in-depth understanding of how to devise plans to help dogs cope in their environment. Her years of experience ensures she has many ways to solve your canine behaviour and training problems.

What we offer


Dog training is an essential part of dog ownership; it helps your dog to understand the rules and boundaries as well as developing a good relationship between you and your dog. Our training helps you to understand your dog's behaviour and to teach you how to teach your dog in a kind way. 

At Pooches Galore we only use kind, fair and effective training methods to train dogs. Slip leads, choke collars, and electric shock collars are all banned from our classes. Our training classes are fun for both you and your dog; we use rewards which help dogs to understand what we want from them.

How to get in touch


Please contact us to discuss your dog's individual requirements. Please give us as much information as possible and we will call you to discuss you and your dog.