Why do we go on and on about socialising your puppy???

You've probably heard the term "socialisation" multiple times especially if you have had a puppy come into your life recently...

But what does it really mean and why is it so important?

When puppies are born they are not born with all the social skills that they require. Puppies are born naturally curious and we need to embrace this curiosity to help them learn what they do and do not need to be fearful of.

Socialisation means exposing the puppy to as many different situations as possible during the first 16 weeks of their life. This exposure then sets the puppy up with key skills they require throughout their life.

Socialisation helps puppies to become happy and confident in various situations that they may need to experience.

We ask a lot of our canine companions so that they can live alongside us in our lives and it's important that we give them every opportunity to achieve this. 

When your new puppy arrives it's important to plan as much into their first few weeks with you as possible. You have until they are 16 weeks old to take them out and about to meet new people and experience new places - not just ones they will see when they are a puppy but for the rest of their life!

To understand more about how to socialise your puppy see our next post!