Christmas with our pooches

So I promised my self I would be better at this blogging… post more regularly, I even wrote a plan for this. However… a month and a half later here is another blog (I see a New Years resolution on the horizon!).

So I thought I would jot down my thoughts about Christmas with our pooches. So lets start with what we are getting them for Christmas… I always get my dogs a little stocking for all the family dogs.

This year Millie has some new chuck-it balls and a soft toy (these are a rarity for her as they don’t last long but are possibly one of her favourite things so who am I not to indulge), as well as some chews (mainly for entertainment on Christmas Day!

Ferdinand is my mother in laws German pointer and is a lively character so he has an antler to chew on and keep him entertained and busy!

Finally Bonnie is our old rescue dog, she just likes a quiet life so I got her a licki mat, she has a sweet tooth so this is perfect for her and her old teeth!

Other ideas I have that I might pop out to get is a bottle of pawsecco (well if I’m having a tipple then why shouldn’t she…), and maybe a chicken dinner nylabone… although it will be a mushroom wellington at our house but I haven’t seen nylabone bring one of these out!

If I hadn’t already got her one a ruff and tumble drying coat would be top of my list!

(Also remember I do gift vouchers if you are stuck - who doesn’t love training!!!)

On the other side of Christmas there are a few bits we need to be aware of that are dangerous to dogs…

  • mincemeat - raisins are very dangerous to dogs so watch out for those mince pies and Christmas pudding around your dog!

  • Chocolate - if you’re anything like me chocolate won’t last long enough for the dog to get hold of it but just incase you are more reserved!

  • Turkey (chicken) bones - once cooked are very dangerous to your dog so watch out for them at your home but also when you are out and about!

Remember to enjoy Christmas with your dog - get some extra walks in, maybe even some training thrown in for good measure!

Other suggestions for Christmas presents are welcome below.

All presents mentions on here can be found at Posh Paws harrogate but are in no way sponsored.