Pooches Galore is pleased to offer a range of professional seminars and workshops to help other professionals raise the bar in their own specialist areas.

I have spoken on several different radio shows, and have taught seminars and workshops on a number of different topics such as canine aggression, treating behavioural problems and fears and phobias.

If you would like to host a seminar on any area of canine training and behaviour please get in touch.


Training and Behaviour for the Professional Dog Walker

Professional dog walking has become a highly competitive business area and therefore it is important for you to strive to be the best in your area.

This workshop has been designed to help you deal with difficult dogs by understanding canine body language and behaviour and understanding basic training techniques.

Kim was an experienced dog walker for several years before specialising and qualifying as a Canine behaviourist therefore uniquely placed to help you understand what is going on with the dogs out on your walks.

This workshop covers:

  • Dog body language and communication.

  • Understanding common behaviour issues.

  • Managing risk when walking in public.

  • Managing and dealing with confrontation in dogs.